Augmented Tourism

Your city as you have never seen it

Step into history with the number 1 augmented reality platform for tourism. Meet historical figures as your 24/7 virtual guides, available in multiple languages. Discover hidden gems through vivid archival images, all on your phone. Blending mature technology with an educational journey in an unprecedented way.

Some success stories

‘Save History’ is a time-travel experience across the 9 provinces of Castilla y León, combining archival photos and historical facts. It’s an educational adventure for all ages, uncovering hidden histories and solving mysteries to protect our past.

‘Heroes of Heritage’ is a 3D experience based on a web series, allowing users to explore 6 historical sites on their smartphones. Combining aliens and time travel, it offers a fun, interactive way for children and teenagers to learn about history.

‘The Orchard Week’ is an experience that takes families from the urban core of the city to the nearby orchard area to teach concepts about respect for natural environments through a story full of magic and hope.

Kluest has received important international awards and nominations such as the Auggie Awards 2020 and 2021 (the world’s most prestigious awards for Augmented and Virtual Reality).

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